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Tuning a piano before a performance

Luis Hernandez

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Piano Teaching, Tuning & Repairs in Pittsburgh, PA

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Janna Bavar
Janna Bavar
May 19, 2023.
Luis tuned my upright piano this morning and I really enjoyed meeting him. He was professional, highly skilled and personable. He performed a pitch raise, tuned my upright piano flawlessly, and fixed a few sticky keys. Luis's expertise and friendly nature make him the go-to tuner in the Pittsburgh area. Would highly recommended!
Nick John
Nick John
May 11, 2023.
Luis came this morning to tune my Kawai grand and to address a voicing issue I was having on some of the low notes. He was friendly and he worked with me to achieve the sound I wanted. He's super knowledgeable, skilled, and passionate about what he does, and it shows in the results. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a talented piano tuner and technician!
Mimi Kaminsky
Mimi Kaminsky
May 4, 2023.
Luis tuned and repaired a piano I inherited approximately 10 years ago from a good friend and I am looking forward to taking lessons this Fall. He did such a wonderful job getting the piano ready and I’m sure he will do as great of a job teaching me. Within minutes of knowing him I could see he has the kindness and patience to help me learn.
Susan Kelly
Susan Kelly
April 28, 2023.
Luis tuned our piano on April 12. It had not been tuned a quite a few years. It sounds wonderful now! Luis was very efficient and professional. And very friendly and polite. I would highly recommend Luis to tune your piano. He also teaches piano and I think he would be a great teacher.
April 25, 2023.
Luis Hernandez is a true professional! He work tirelessly to bring back to working order a piano that has been played by the same man my husbands father… for duty years!! “Dad” is thrilled with how great it now sounds and the ease of playing the keys again ! THANK YOU LUIS!
Tim Palko
Tim Palko
April 20, 2023.
Luis has been fantastic working with our kids (age 6 and 8) for over a year now. They look forward to their lessons and are constantly improving. Luis has also been an invaluable guide for us buying and maintaining our piano.
Patricia Staudt
Patricia Staudt
April 16, 2023.
I am just beginning to play piano again after a hiatus of many, many years and my piano has not been tuned in all that time. Luis came yesterday and brought my piano back to life! My Kawai upright has never sounded so lovely. His work is meticulous and he took the time to explain some of the things that he did. He corrected the action of some of the keys, and raised the pitch of the entire instrument, in addition to tuning it. Then he gave me a mini lesson to demonstrate how he makes his music lessons fun and interesting. I will definitely recommend Luis both for piano tuning and lessons.
Evelyn Mealy
Evelyn Mealy
April 14, 2023.
Luis is a professional and good at what he does. He is prompt and his prices are very comparable to others. He is personable and I enjoyed talking with him while he worked. I would recommend him to anyone who needs piano tuning.
Adam Rawlings
Adam Rawlings
April 13, 2023.
We have a pretty old (around 100 years) piano that's been moved from place to place and sat in storage for several years. We expected that tuning would be a challenge. Luis quickly diagnosed some issues related to its age and condition, and despite those, tuned it expertly. The piano sounds great and we would love to have Luis back to keep it in working order.
Jen Mankoff
Jen Mankoff
April 10, 2023.
Luis is a wonderful piano teacher and a great pianist himself. He nurtured our child with the opportunity to write her own music and perform it, and helped her to grow into an amazing artist. He was always supportive, insightful, and encouraging. He found music that was age and skill appropriate and motivating to play. We only moved on when we moved across the country and we're sorry not to still be working with him.


Based in Churchill, PA, Luis is a highly trained performer, pedagog and piano technician. He helps clients care for and maintain their pianos, buy or sell, learn to play, and is an accompanist-for-hire and other performances.
His ability to make piano lessons engaging and enjoyable while still teaching important skills and techniques has earned him the love and admiration of his piano students. In addition to offering in-person lessons in his home in Churchill, PA, he also offers online piano lessons for those who prefer the convenience of learning from home.
As a piano tuner and technician, he is available for a range of services including piano tunings, repairs, regulations, voicings, and appraisals, serving the Greater Pittsburgh area in Allegheny County and beyond.

Piano Tuning

Luis Hernandez piano tuner fine tuning a baby grand in Pittsburgh, PA

Piano tuner. Fine tuning. Pitch raise. Historical temperaments. And more! $200-$300

Piano Lessons

Luis Hernandez giving piano lessons to a piano student in Pittsburgh, PA

Private piano lessons in Pittsburgh, PA. In person or online lesson options. $80/hr.


piano technician in Pittsburgh doing regulation in the piano action

Piano repairs. Regulating and Voicing. Reconditioning and Restoration.


piano and violin playing duo

Pianist and accompanist. Recitals and recordings. Weddings and events.


old piano. piano appraisals in Pittsburgh

Get help understanding market value when buying or selling a piano.

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