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Piano Tuning & Repairs in Pittsburgh, PA

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Find out why Luis Hernandez is the Top-Rated Piano Tuner & Piano Teacher in Pittsburgh, PA

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May 25, 2024.
I asked Luis to come out to my home in Wexford to take a look at an old piano that had been in my family for 20+ years. He tuned the piano, performed repairs, lubricated all of the pins, and provided a deep clean. We thoroughly enjoyed having Luis in our home. He was friendly, professional, and wonderful with our kids - explaining everything and playing piano with them.
Bill Book
Bill Book
May 22, 2024.
I recently hired Luis Hernandez to tune my piano, and I could not be happier with the outcome. Luis tackled the job with skill and precision. The difference in sound and feel is remarkable. My piano now sounds amazing and plays like a dream. Luis's professionalism and expertise were evident throughout the process. He was efficient, courteous, and clearly passionate about his work. If you're in need of piano tuning or technical services in the Murrysville area, give Luis Hernandez a call. You will not be disappointed with the results.
Christine Wilson
Christine Wilson
May 21, 2024.
Luis revived our old piano and it sounds wonderful now! He is very quick to respond, professional, friendly, and was great to work with - 100% recommend!
Cara Intrieri
Cara Intrieri
May 11, 2024.
Such a wonderful piano tuner and he showed so much passion for his work. While he was tuning, he even took time to explain the process. After my piano was tuned, I sat down for hours to play hearing my keys play that beautiful tune. I highly recommend and will be using him again.
John Carpenter
John Carpenter
May 9, 2024.
Fantastic tuner, pianist and person. Great with kids. Great with the piano. Great with a conversation after he was finished. Highly recommend.
jus pak
jus pak
May 9, 2024.
Luis came promptly and enthusiastically to tune my old storybook piano. He thoroughly cleaned, tuned and informed me on how to properly care and maintain its life and dupability. Reasonable price and Great service!
Patricia Gundrum
Patricia Gundrum
May 9, 2024.
Mr Luiz Hernandez tuned and reconditioned by piano. He replaced some of the damper pads. The piano sounds so much better! This Mason and Hamlin piano used to belong to my grandmother, who was a semi- professional musician and taught many students in Michigan where I grew up. Thank you Luiz!
Rebecca Eyth
Rebecca Eyth
May 1, 2024.
Luis is an excellent piano tuner and technician. He is professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. I have an old baby grand (built in 1930), and he tuned it, made some small adjustments and repairs, and gave me good advice for its continued maintenance. I will definitely be utilizing his services in the future!
Hanyu Song
Hanyu Song
April 6, 2024.
I highly recommend Luis’s tuning service. He's punctual, professional, and really knows his stuff. He explains everything clearly and does a fantastic job. Definitely give him a try!
Gregory Beach
Gregory Beach
March 22, 2024.
This is the 2nd piano Luis has taken care of for me. He brings a well balanced perspective, because in addition to tuning and doing repairs, Luis is a concert trained pianist and a piano instructor. Give him a try to bring your piano into tune and regulation, you will be glad you did!


Bachelor of Musical Arts from Boston Conservatory at Berklee (full scholarship)

Masters in Piano Performance from Carnegie Mellon University (full scholarship)

Masters in Collaborative Piano Performance from Carnegie Mellon University (full scholarship)

Artist Diploma from Duquesne University at the Mary Pappert School of Music (full scholarship)


Concert Pianist: Specialized in piano tuning, piano repairs, and restoring piano actions

Piano Technician at Solich PianosExclusive Yamaha dealership in Pittsburgh, PA

Associate of the PTGPiano Technician’s Guild

Certified Technician for Dampp-Chaser Systems

Over 500+ satisfied piano tuning clients in Pittsburgh, PA

Member of the MTNAMusic Teachers National Association

Passionate piano teacher in Churchill, PA, enriching the lives of over 30+ students

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Based in Pittsburgh, PA, Luis is a highly trained concert pianist, piano teacher and piano technician.
Providing comprehensive piano services, he assists clients in caring for their pianos, tuning, buying, selling, and teaching piano lessons.
His ability to make piano lessons engaging and enjoyable while still teaching important skills and techniques has earned him the love and admiration of his piano students. In addition to offering in-person lessons in his home in Churchill, PA, he also offers online piano lessons for those who prefer the convenience of learning from home.
As a piano tuner and technician, he is available for a range of services including piano tuning, repairs, regulations, voicing, and appraisals, serving the Greater Pittsburgh area in Allegheny County and beyond.
As a concert pianist, his versatility shines as he lends his talents accompanying for diverse performances. Be it weddings, cocktail hours, music parties, music events, or student recitals, his musical prowess adds a special note to every occasion.

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Services and Rates >

Piano Tuning, Maintenance and Repairs – Pittsburgh, PA

piano tuning in pittsburgh

Routine piano tuning: $180. Pitch correction: $60-$120. Piano repairs: $100/hr. Piano maintenance, cleaning, broken string replacement: $100-$115. Dampp-Chaser Systems Install (Piano Life Saver): $600-$800.

Piano Lessons | In person and online – Pittsburgh, PA

Luis Hernandez giving piano lessons to a piano student in Pittsburgh, PA

Private piano lessons in Pittsburgh, PA, for all ages and levels. In-person or online lesson options. $80/hr.

Piano Accompanying

piano and violin playing duo

Pianist and accompanist. Recitals and recordings. Weddings and events.


old piano. piano appraisals in Pittsburgh

Get help understanding market value when buying or selling a piano. Piano inspection and report. $80.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have an emergency last-minute tuning or repair; what can I do?

A: If you find yourself in need of urgent piano tuning or repair in Pittsburgh, PA, and have already checked our Online Scheduling Service > without success, don’t worry. While I typically schedule appointments 1-2 weeks in advance, I understand emergencies happen.Give me a call >, send me an email > orshoot me a text >, and I’ll do my best to accommodate your request promptly. Your musical needs are our priority, even in unexpected situations.

Q: How frequently should I have my piano tuned?

A: The frequency of piano tuning depends on various factors such as the condition of thepin block,tuning pins, andchanges in humidity. As a piano teacher with over 40 students, I personally tune my piano at least four times a year due to heavy use. However, I recommend clients to contact me as soon as their piano starts sounding off, ideally once or twice a year. This ensures that your well-loved instrument receives the care it needs to maintain its optimal performance.

Q: Which areas in Pittsburgh, PA are covered by your piano tuning services?

A: We offer piano tuning services in all regions of the city of Pittsburgh. Visitthis link >to see the specific areas we cover. If your area isn’t listed,give us a call >, and we can discuss options, including a small travel fee or a referral to one of our esteemed colleagues.

Q: My piano hasn’t been tuned in a long time; is it worth tuning?

A:Don’t worry! I take pleasure in reviving neglected pianos. If your piano hasn’t been tuned for an extended period, it will likely need apitch correction(orpitch raise), which is essentially a second tuning. I recommend scheduling a tuning appointment as soon as possible. During the tuning session, I’ll assess the condition of your piano and determine the best course of action. In the rare event that your piano is not worth tuning, I’ll provide you with honest feedback and discuss potential options. Whether it’s recommending restoration, suggesting an upgrade, or assisting you in finding a suitable replacement, I’m here to guide you through the process and ensure your musical needs are met.

Q: What are your piano tuning rates?

A: My tuning rates range between$180-$299.You can find out more about my rates by visitingthis website >.

Q: Do you repair electric pianos?

A: No, I do not repair electric pianos. At the moment, I specialize in tuning acoustic pianos. If you have an acoustic piano that needs tuning or maintenance, I’m here to help!

Q: Can I schedule a piano tuning appointment online?

A: Yes, you can absolutely schedule a piano tuning visit online. Visit this link to schedule your piano tuning appointment >. No payment required!

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

A: We accept various forms of payment, including cash, checks, credit cards (with a 3% fee), Venmo/Paypal, Zelle, Cashapp, ApplePay, and, just for laughs, Rupees. We strive to accommodate the most convenient payment method for you!

Q: Do you need me to be quiet while you tune?

A: No, absolute silence is not necessary for when I come tune your piano. Feel free to go about your normal activities during the tuning session. I don’t require total silence. Whether the dogs are barking, the TV is on, or the kids are playing, it won’t affect the tuning process. I even enjoy meeting your furry friends, so don’t hesitate to introduce them!

Q: Do you also repair sticky keys, broken strings, squeaky pedals, etc.?

A: Yes, we provide comprehensive piano action repairs. Our services include replacing broken hammers, addressing broken strings, and resolving issues like sticky keys and squeaky pedals. Additionally, we perform regulation of the piano action, enhancing playability and responsiveness. We also offer voicing services to create a more even and melodic tone.

Q: What should I look for in a piano tuner?

A: When choosing a piano tuner, experience is paramount. Look for a tuner who continually hones their craft. As a proud member of thePiano Technician’s Guild, I have the opportunity to refine my skills through classes and lessons with some of the best piano tuners and technicians globally. Continuous learning is essential. Additionally, a reputable tuner should offer insurance. I provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee, ensuring you’re always happy with the service or your money back. With a background as a trained concert pianist holdingtwo Masters degreesfromCarnegie Mellon Universityand anArtist DiplomafromDuquesne University, I bring a high level of expertise to every tuning session.

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