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Piano Appraisals

piano appraisals

Piano Appraisals

Service Description

“How much is my piano worth?” “How much could I ask for it if I wanted to sell it?” “What if the piano I am trying to buy turns out to be a piece of junk?” These are the most asked questions among those not familiar with pianos in the market. Whether you are looking for a used piano on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist and want to know if the sellers are asking a reasonable price; or you plan to sell your piano but don’t know exactly how much it is worth, we can help you with our piano appraisal services.

From simple advice on the condition and conservation of an instrument, to a complete appraisal report with all the relevant details that may affect its value, we are here to help appraise your piano navigate the piano market and care for your instrument. Check out my blog post about the factors that affect the values of pianos.

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