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Why is it important to tune your piano regularly?

Piano tuner and technician in Pittsburgh, PA
Piano tuner and technician in Pittsburgh, PA

Maintaining your piano is essential for its optimal performance and sound quality. There are several reasons why regular piano tuning and maintenance is important. These include the following:

Climate Changes

Pianos are made of wood and metal, which can be affected by changes in temperature and humidity. When the climate changes, the wood and metal parts can expand and contract, which will cause the instrument to feel wonky. To prevent this, tune your piano regularly, especially if you live in an area with extreme weather changes. A rule of thumb is to tune your piano at least twice a year to prevent drastic changes in string tension.

Sticky keys and keys out of alignment

Moreover, changes in climate will cause the keys on a piano can become sticky or difficult to press, making it hard to play. This is often caused by dirt, dust, or other debris accumulating on the keys. To prevent sticky keys, clean your piano regularly and make sure the keys are free of dirt. If the keys are sticky or difficult to press, a piano technician can fix the problem and restore the keys to proper working condition. He can install a Dampp-Chaser Life Saver system, which will keep your piano climate controlled.

Piano action regulation

Finally, the piano action is the mechanism that connects the keys to the hammers. Over time, the piano action can wear down, which can affect the quality of the sound and make it difficult to play the piano. To keep the piano action in good working order, it’s important to have a piano technician regulate it on a regular basis. This involves making adjustments to the action to ensure that it is properly aligned, lubricated and working smoothly. Piano owners should make sure to regulate the action once every 2 years. However, this will depend on how much the piano gets played, humidity changes, etc.

In conclusion, regular tuning and maintenance is essential for keeping your piano in good working order and sounding its best. By tuning your piano at least twice a year and cleaning and regulating the action regularly, you can help to ensure that your piano will continue to provide years of enjoyment.

Luis Hernandez is a piano technician with two Master’s degrees from Carnegie Mellon University. He has the expertise to help you maintain your piano and keep it in top-notch shape. He serves the city of Pittsburgh, PA, and offers services including regular tuning, cleaning, and piano action regulation. Click HERE to schedule an appointment!

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